Tiësto Drops Huge collab with DJs From Mars, Rudeejay and Da Brozz

“The Drop” ​is Tiësto’s new single title. Worldwide’s most known dj and producer in the electronic dance music, always in the Dj Mag Top 10 since 20 years. For most of electronic music he’s a legend, for all the people involved in the music business, he’s an inspiration. Italian ​Djs From Mars (Turin), ​Rudeejay (Bologna) and ​Da Brozz(Como) made the dream collaboration of every music producer come true, and take their careers to the next level.

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The collaboration between the artists comes after a long time cooperation, and a lot of supports from Tiësto to several tracks by ​Djs From Mars, Rudeejay and Da Brozz ​during his live sets like ​Tomorrowland, Ultra, EDC and so on, last but not least, also in his iconic “​Club Life​” weekly radio show.

The track (​The Drop​) is a hyperspeed travel on a futuristic electronic rhythm. The first part is a small appetizer that allows the listener to get a glimpse of the main course. In the main breakdown, there’s a speaker announcing sounds and instruments while they appear in the track, describing music as it would happen in a documentary. After the break, the track goes into a climax while approaching to “the Drop”, the highest energy part in the whole song. 100% super effective.

Djs From Mars Feature Image 2 | Ufo Network

The tune is released on Tiësto’s label​“MusicalFreedom”and it’s part of a 25 tracks album that will set all dance floors on fire in the whole world (as soon as they’re reopening)
Tiësto & Djs From Mars vs Rudeejay & Da Brozz “The Drop”​, OUT NOW!!

Djs From Mars Artwork | Ufo Network

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