Pep & Rash Debut on Heldeep Records With Summer Ready Single ‘Are You Down’

Pep & Rash showcase their talent on Heldeep Records for the first time with ‘Are You Down’ ft. Troy Denari. This being their first release of 2020, the musical power duo has once again proven themselves heavy-weights by combining house tunes with powerful vocals to create this easy listening, radio-ready track.

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The track starts off with a warm bassline fused with drum & bass like hi-hats and electric synths after which Troy Denari’s deep vocals quickly take the track towards its first climax. A drop that can only be described as a perfect blend between progressive and future house excites and energizes as swift piano keys fill the ears. A calm yet agile chorus proceeds to feature a sunny vocal rich melody before another electrifying climax transforms into an uplifting drop. ‘Are You Down’ promises to be a summer favorite and instantly brings sunny weather and smiling faces to mind.

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Hailing from the South of The Netherlands, best friends Pep & Rash stormed the scene in 2015 with their hit track ‘Rumors’ which quickly claimed Beatport’s #1 spot and gained official support by just about every top DJ out there. It saw them land top gigs at Dance Valley, Mysteryland, Tomorrowland WiSH Outdoor, and Ushuaia with Avicii.

Pep & Rash – ‘Are You Down’ is OUT NOW! via Heldeep Records

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