Trueblue Drops Remix of ‘The Comeback Kid’ by The Midnight

American Producer Trueblue puts his spin on ‘The Comeback Kid’ by The Midnight. The remix has grabbed the attention of many Synthwave fans alike and find themselves with this track on repeat!

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Trueblu – “Thank you so much to The Midnight for the opportunity to remix this record. Tylers’ vocals are incredible as always, Tims’ production is on point, the melodies are perfect and you just gotta love the world that this record lives in.”

Trueblue – “Imagine you’re attending a party in Bladerunner, the year is not 2049, but 3169. You’re at a party, some skyscraper in a futuristic edition of Los Angeles. You missed the pregame, you gotta catch up, but Tequila doesn’t exist anymore. Wait check that – that’s not right, they just ran out at the party. You look around for your friends… Theo… don’t see him… Ted… where’s he at? You stand awkwardly at some type of hologram hors d’oeuvres table – alone. Shit – its your crush from the year 2020. Think. You’re down big, no confidence – so throw in your PearPods – put on this track, and begin the Tom Brady 2-minute drill. It’s all in the recovery, in The Comeback Kid. Pound your chest a few times like a frat-bro after a mediocre beer funnel, go talk to them, and party like its your first day out of quarantine.”

Trueblue – “The Midnight are one of my favorite groups of all time, and The Comeback Kid is one of my favorite songs that they’ve done to date. In a lot of ways I think that we’re all the comeback kid in a sense, my self included. I remember discovering this song on a train ride back from boarding school my senior year of high school. I distinctly remember it playing in the lead up to Penn Station, and staring out the window of the train. The notion of being a comeback kid plays into that idea of the perseverance, strength and overcoming something, but the implication is also there that you were once down. I hope this song brings you back to the days of being a kid, and lifts you up.”

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