BLACK NEON Release ‘Pleasure In The Pain’ Music Video via Armada

Following on label debut ‘Never Be The Same’, BLACK NEON’s next musical offering is glowing with radio hit potential. From the sweet vocals to the upbeat instrumental to the summeresque vibe, ‘Pleasure In The Pain’ is where musical prowess, catchiness and sheer recognizability shake hands.

Official Music Video


What do you get when a magical girl from the painted deserts of Arizona, a few wild boys from the reclaimed lands by the North Sea and a seasoned OG reigning from the music legends of Detroit collide? The answer to that question is emerging super collective BLACK NEON, and ‘Never Be The Same’ marks the start of their collaborative endeavor as phase one of their forthcoming EP.

Oozing with musical sophistication and pop appeal, BLACK NEON’s debut single on Armada Music talks about memories of the past and inevitable change. With melancholic vocals and blazing synths coloring the polished instrumental, ‘Never Be The Same’ equals instant playlist material and comes with bags of airwave potential.

True to their intergalactic moniker, BLACK NEON aim to inspire an era of change with their boundaryless thinking and can-do attitude. Touching the border of the uncharted only to purposefully journey beyond, the collective is on a mission to push the limits of time and space whilst simultaneously bringing a spark of neon light into the darker spots of our galaxy. BLACK NEON truly is the new black.

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