Cosmic Gate Dazzles The World with ‘Universal Love’ Out Now


Do not adjust your signal, Cosmic Gate have punched up a track that takes them as far off the C.G. ‘grid’ as they’ve been in a decade. Their final action ahead of the release of their fourth ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions’ compilation, ‘Universal Love’ is a dazzling, convention-shaking tale of two tones.

Frontend ‘Universal’ goes on a sonic safari, upping the thump and funk letting the filters rip and bringing it with some tech-n-distort tumult. Nic and Bossi are just getting started though as they pile on the speaker pressure with analogue bass, FX grind, 303 whip and cranked reverb. The break brings an epically proportioned script-flip, dropping into the blissed-out, FX-effected chorus from Natural Born Grooves classic ‘Universal Love’. Taking it on an express elevator ride, the tracks couldn’t-be-more-timely “people, get ready” vocal spreads its message of love and happiness far and wide!

In other breaking Cosmic Gate news this month, the coming of ‘Wake Your Minds Sessions 004’ has served as the perfect springboard for Nic and Bossi to launch the new division of their record label. With Wake Your Mind Records romping past its 50th release, its new Deep imprint commenced release operations earlier in the month. ‘Delta’ from Marcus Schössow and Matthew Felner’s gardenstate project had the honours of opening Deep’s discography, which, naturally enough, can also be found within the grooves of the May 1-released ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions 004’ album!

Listen to ‘Universal Love’ on Spotify!


Cosmic Gate’s ‘Universal Love’ is out now and is available to stream/purchase here, while Wake Your Mind Sessions 004 can be pre-ordered here. For more of the hottest & latest in new electronic dance music and EDM news only at Soundrive Music!

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