Exclusive Interview With Hungarian Super Duo StadiumX On New Label & More

UFO Network are excited to announce an exclusive interview with Hungarian super duo StadiumX. With their latest release “Be Mine” & the launch of their new label Sub Religion Records, David and Sullivan who form StadiumX show no signs of slowing down and have some pretty big things lined up! Be sure to follow StadiumX on socials below and stay up-to-date with the latest in happenings and events. We had fun chatting with these guys and here’s what they had to say!


Hey guys! Firstly, Congratulations on the new label. Tell us more about Sub Religion Records

Thank you very much! Sub Religion is our new label which we started after a long planning. With the label we want to bring a new sound to the scene and show a new face of Stadiumx to the fans.

-See subreligion.com for more..


Tell us about your latest project ‘Be Mine’ with Sam Martin?

We first met Sam’s name when we did a remix for Sultan & Ned Shaperd years ago. When we got the stems we already found his voice amazing. Back then, unfortunately we couldn’t work together but later we could do a remix for David Guetta’s song “Lovers On The Sun” which Sam also sang and we loved working on the song. Then we decided to do a song together. This became “Love You Forever” with Nicky Romero. So officially this is the second song we did together and it’s a fantastic feeling to work with him again.

– Stream or buy a copy of “Be Mine” over at subr.lnk.to/BeMine


What single night out has been the most memorable for you as DJs and producers?

It would be very difficult to choose one, but the parties in Ibiza are always amazing. We really like to play music there because the atmosphere of the island is stunning.


Tell us something we wouldn’t normally find out about each of you.

Basically we tell almost everything about ourselves and try to keep in touch with the fans. However quite a few people know that we work in the studio almost every day and we both work in a separate studio.


Give us the name of one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?

It’s hard to pick only one song but it would be Roger Sanchez’s “Another Chance. We went to a record store a lot back then and I always listened to this song on vinyl.


Dream collaboration and why?

There are many fantastic singers and musicians we would love to work with. If you have to pick a DJ & Producer I can safely say that Axwell. His music was very inspiring for both of us.


What have you guys been up to during the lockdown?

First of all we try to stay positive. We work a lot in the studio of course and make a lot of music. We take care of our loved ones and mure sure we do our best to get out of this difficult time soon.


How do you get a track started? Tell us a bit about your production process. How long does it take you to complete a track on average and do you ever get writer’s block?

Most of our tracks starts with melodies on the piano. As we find the right direction for the song we can work on sound design and put the pieces together. It’s hard to tell exactly how long it takes to put together a certain song. Sometimes in 1-2 days we are both happy with the result, but in other cases we need several months what the right sound would be.


Latest track / EP? What are you working on currently? Tell us more!

Next month we will have another track of our own Sub Religion and a collab will be on Hexagon too. For the rest of the year we will release 2 singles every month.


The relationship between the audience and the DJ is crucial, and yet it seems to be a fragile one – how do you see the balance between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new?

I think we’re pretty direct with our fans and we also take care of new talents or producers. Unfortunately it’s impossible to make everyone happy but we are honest which is the most important thing for us.



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