Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Quintino Drop Another Banger ‘The Chase’

Smash The House label bosses and current Top 100 DJ Poll #1 DJ’s Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike along with acclaimed Dutch Producer/DJ Quintino bring the rave on their latest collaboration effort ‘The Chase.  Throwing down a colossal track that will trigger all-out euphoria on the dancefloor, this latest release has been crafted and charged with enough musical dynamite to send shockwaves reverberating throughout the party world!

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With previous experience of working together on collaborations, it is clear that Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike‘s contributions combine seamlessly, working to get the best out of both artists with a certified anthem that is set to be heard across the globe in the coming months. The instantly catchy melody is present from the start, evolving into a fully formed lead before the countdown to the drop begins.

A vox stab, taken from the vocal, repeats alongside a pounding kick drum. The track slows to a canter in the main breakdown, gradually speeding up towards the epic second drop, joined by a new, revving bassline and synth pluck that cranks the intensity to 100, displaying both artists considerable experience in the studio and ability to craft stadium bangers that are guaranteed to get the party started.

Since being crowned #1 DJ’s for a second time in their illustrious career, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike continue to excel and surpass previous achievements by pushing the boundaries and reach new heights. From clocking up in excess of 250 million streams with their single ‘Instagram‘ with David GuettaDaddy YankeeNatti Natasha and Afro Bros, to Dimitri appearing in Hollywood smash Rambo: Last Blood or Mike announcing the launch of his own recording label Green Room, the guys continue to push their limits of creativity and performance output. Always working to spread the love of the music they feel so passionate about.

Having partnered with Quintino previously singles such as ‘Patser Bounce‘ and ‘Boing‘, it evident that the trio enjoy the studio space together as their synergy continues to shine in the music they create! Something which once again is shown with ‘The Chase’, as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike showcase why they are at the top of the dance sphere, and Quintino, who fresh of his recent single ‘The Drill’, once again cements his position as one of the most gifted production talents in the electronic music world.

‘The Chase’ is on, out now via Smash The House! Get it HERE!

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