Danko Puts a Twist On The Classic ‘Pump It Up’ via Future House Music

Danko Puts a Twist On The Classic 'Pump It Up' via Future House Music

What ​Danko​ lacks in age he more than makes up for in musical prowess. Having released songs, and shared stages with some of the industries biggest musicians by the age of 18, the sky is truly the limit. On his first ever​ FHM​ release ‘Pump It Up’ he doesn’t disappoint!

The song starts with an alluring female voice, which already hints that something special is about to follow. Suddenly her voice is covered by a child choir chanting “Don’t you know, pump it up. You’ve got to pump it up”. Without realising it, you’ve been thrown into an 80’s aerobics class. You’re dressed in neon spandex, and you’re in for the workout of a lifetime.

As the buildup starts, your session has officially begun! The temperature quickly rises as the workout intensifies. The choir is still in the back chanting and it gives you that extra push. Before you know it you’ve made it to the drop! As it hits you’re thrown back on the dancefloor! The groove isn’t like anything you’ve felt before, so all you can do is just let your body follow beat! That is until that alluring vocal comes back, and you do it all over again!

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DANKO – ‘Pump It Up’ is OUT NOW! via Future House Music

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