GunFight Releases Deadly New Single – ‘Lethal’ [LISTEN]

Hailing from Texas, GunFight has just put out his new track, “Lethal” which features hypnotic vocals and an earth-shattering bassline. Drawing on rock and metal influences for the drops, the Austin-native comes guns-blazing to deliver a fresh new take on the ever-popular midtempo genre. After the success of his first release of the year, “Purgatory,” it’s clear the GunFight is here to make 2020 his year.

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When asked about his sound, GunFight states that he’s looking to ride the “fine line between emulating enough of the popular sounds to stay relevant and bringing something entirely new to the table altogether.” This then has manifested into what could best be described as his signature sound that he’ll be bringing into his future works

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GunFight – ‘Lethal’ is OUT NOW! Get It HERE!


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