Dutch Legend Mason and DJ Glen ‘T.M.B’

Featured UFO 2021

You may be wondering what the hell is T.M.B? This syndrome is caused by producers who place special attention in their music to ‘bass’. The symptoms are clearly demonstrated in the release of the EP ‘Mind Goes Off’ by DJ Glen and the Dutch legend Mason on Animal Language Recordings.

We diagnosed ‘Too Much Bass’ in the two sick songs of this new EP; ‘Attention’ and’ Mind Goes Off’. DJ Glen already presented symptoms of high empathy on the dance floors all over Brazil, noticed by his busy schedule and the resounding success of ‘First Time’ released by the giant Spinnin’ Records. Mason has come from a period of high exposure via releasing on Toolroom Records  in recent weeks, including the label’s 2020 compilation. The results are seen in his growing streams.

Listen to the ‘Mind Goes Off’ EP on Spotify!

Both artists are breaking significant audience barriers. DJ Glen has exceeded 5 million streams and Mason, the exceeder, is over 25 million streams on Spotify. Together Mason and DJ Glen present an original work that is faithful to their uncompromising musical convictions.  Stream ‘Mind Goes Off EP’ exclusively on Spotify and Beatport now and on all other platforms as of March 6th!


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