Sgt Slick Delivers This Years Biggest Disco Anthem ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’

Starting off as a bootleg, this killer tune has been creating major dance floor movements over the past few months and is prepared for full release.

Taking a tongue in cheek approach to igniting dance floors, Sgt Slick turns in an incredible mix of epic proportion that is already gracing global sets, rinsed across mainstream radio and inciting some major chart action already.

Love or loathe it, this hook is unstoppable and instantly recognizable as it seeds its way out of the sound system. We’ve already witnessed the likes of Folamour and Dimitri From Paris dropping unique versions, Disco monster Glitterbox, Boiler Room, Resident Advisor and major festivals are all being torn up by this track in its many guises.

For the Vicious Recordings team, it made perfect sense to embellish a hook from one of the worlds greatest selling acts and return with a definitive clubland interpretation that instantly erupts into a memorable moment. With the likes of the influential and innovative DJ’s like Joey Negro and Greg Wilson all noting the impact of Abba’s production prowess, it’s easy to see the lasting mark they’ve added to disco and pre-house scene. It would be madness to leave this resigned to the past without bringing it firmly into the present as we’re reminded clubbing doesn’t always need to be highbrow and serious.

With major plays coming in from Festivals such as “Beyond The Valley” to profile clubs and events from across the world, the global demand can barely be serviced as it is… Dropbox recently dropped a warning following the meteoric activity it created. Presently taking on a mix of reactions peaking at consistent 9 &10’s, it’s also garnering International radio play and positioned at #1on the Australian Club Chart’s pending full release… you know this one’s going to blow sky high.

Listen to ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! on Spotify!


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