Merger – Severance

Merger - Severance - UFO Network 2023


Get ready to experience the electrifying soundscape of Merger‘s latest bass house masterpiece, “Severance“. This DJ and producer duo, known for their innovative and pulsating beats, has once again outdone themselves with this high-octane track. With “Severance”, Merger has once again showcased their ability to push the boundaries of bass house music. This exhilarating single is a testament to their unrelenting passion for innovation and their commitment to keeping the dance music scene fresh and exciting.

Don’t miss out on this exhilarating sonic journey. Be sure to add “Severance” to your playlist and experience the raw energy and undeniable talent of Merger for yourself! Soundrive are fast becoming a valued and trusted source for electronic dance music news, reviews, interviews and features for DJs, artists and labels alike.

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