Gellero – Breathin’ (feat. Jaime Deraz)

Gellero - Breathin' (feat. Jaime Deraz) out now on UFO Network!


Soundrive is delighted to announce the release of the mesmerizing dance track “Breathin’” by Gellero featuring Jaime Deraz today. This captivating collaboration between the dynamic DJ Gellero and the enchanting vocalist Jaime Deraz has produced a spellbinding tune that is poised to make waves in the dance music scene.

Overflowing with hypnotic rhythms and pulsating beats, this single seamlessly blends Gellero’s exceptional production prowess with Deraz’s soulful voice, creating an instant hit perfect for both club nights and personal playlists. Don’t miss out on this enthralling track—stream or download “Breathin” by Gellero featuring Jaime Deraz today!

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