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Blayne Mervin Morrow born 23 Jan 1987, better known as Sölus-Sun, is a DJ, songwriter and record producer from Canada. He began his passion for music at age fifteen, and at age sixteen began music writing hip-hop lyrics. Between 2007 and 2011, Sölus-Sun began producing hip-hop under the alias Blistik.

In 2011, he discovered dance music and began to DJ under the alias Soulless Sun named by his peers due to his red hair. He played underground house and uplifting EDM mixed with hip-hop at small venues. Between 2012 and 2015, He began residency at several clubs in Canada. During this time accomplishments included performing at the National Motocross Event in 2014, record releases with indie labels and hosting private events. Soulless Sun released his Puppy Eyes EP and SoundCloud songs like “Super Mario Bounce”, “Hulk” and “Remind Me”.

In 2015 he evolved as Sölus-Sun mentoring DJ’s, managing DJ nights “Friday Night Vibes”, and produced a summer rooftop party called “LFTD”. With guidance from Tiësto former producer and Musical Freedom Records talent coach Hans Willem Mallon he’s produced his first album. From 2018 to 2019 he co-founded label LFTD Recordings releasing Sunset Fantasy – Radio Edit aired on Panama City Florida’s 93.1.

Now in 2020 with his album completed collaborating with Australian vocalist Michaela Baranov comes a new decade including live shows and an authentic way of bringing fans through sci-fi and adventure. Keep an eye out for this unique talent.

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