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Being a UCLA graduate, her interest in education, specifically in Physics/ Theoretical Physics and Cosmology, fundamentally inspires her sounds, and is the prime reason why she started producing. Sky Sky made music her outlet as a way of sharing the present theories and her knowledge about the Universe.

Her mission is to stir people’s interest in the sciences and to inspire others to question/ think about our presence in the Universe. As a big fan of Hip-hop, she uses her writing to convey all of her feelings, thoughts, and messages about the mysterious world we live in through her rap verses. One may hear her rap and think it’s catchy, but when taking a closer look into her lyrics, a deeper and intellectual realm emerges. Each of her tracks is based on an Astrophysical or Philosophical lesson that blew her mind.

Her exploration in mixing genres, presentation of creative mash-ups, and incorporation of her dance background gives the electronic music scene a breath of fresh air. Sky Sky takes advantage of her sensitivity, skills, and passions, and intertwines them with her bassy and spacey music tastes to create a new meaning and reason behind music.

Sky Sky has signed up as a UFO Network heavyweight for the release of Wormhole via our Soundrive imprint!

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