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SHAYSOVA is a talented new artist who strives to create powerful and original sounds. She combines melody elements and hooks most commonly associated with genres such as Big Room, Electro House and Future Rave. Her most recent studio effort is a track titled ‘Drop Like This’ which combines expressive songwriting, lush production aesthetics and a lot of energy. SHAYSOVA always embraces the ‘less is more’ philosophy. seamlessly achieving a massive tone without overdoing it and loading up the song with way too many elements. SHAYSOVA has performed at Avalon in Hollywood, Why Not Weekend Festival, Technical Festival and was a final contestant for The Phoenix Lights Festival competition. She has been featured on Revealed Selected episode #34, Revealed Recordings, Gemstone Records, Produced by a Girl, DJANE Mag, EDM Maniac, EDM on top, DJANE TOP and In addition to making her own music, SHAYSOVA is also very involved in various other facets of the music industry. She also co-created a live stream called the ‘The LIFE Stream’ which helps raise money and awareness for humanitarian efforts. It has been backed by the likes of Club Killers, Pioneer, DJANE Mag and

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