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Riot Squad is comprised of both South Africans Mike Kelly (also known as MKLY) & Kyle Maclean. Both moved to Cape Town and having enrolled at Soul Candi institute of Music, they met and studied the finer details of music production, scutinising sound after sound in search of what fit best with their style, name and ultimately the Riot Squads’ hunger for jaw grinding EDM in the city of Cape Town.

Their collection of creative energy gave rise to the group Riot Squad. With the wide variety of music that the group covers, from drum and bass to Electro; Dubstep to Glitch, creating an extremely unique collection of sounds is only expected production wise and one can only expect an energetic, melodic sound that keeps you wanting more and more. With tracks already signed to many international record labels, their music spans across various countries around the world. With a good fan base already in South Africa, the boys are set to expand overseas and one can expect a lot more to come from them in the future.

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