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No Method is a music duo consisting of Sam World (music composer/DJ) and Claire Rose (singer-songwriter).

Cape Town based electronic music duo No Method was formed in 2017 by DJ & Producer Sam World & South African vocalist Claire Rose.

No Method gained instant viral success with the release of their first single which has been viewed over 21 million times on YouTube and has over 3.5 million Spotify streams rising fast daily, not to mention the many millions more across other platforms like Apple Music.

The band have gained a huge following of enthusiastic fans, racking up over 500k followers on Shazam, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, organically in a very short space of time. No Method has had similar success on Shazam, going number 1 in 15 territories including 7 weeks straight in Turkey with “Let Me Go”.

For now, the viral love for No Method shows no sign of slowing down as “Let Me Go” is expected to continue to grow as it reaches radio rotation across Europe in September with French label 6&7 and a worldwide release including the UK and USA this September on Ultra Music.

Considering this is still early days for No Method and with only one single released and more to come, the future looks bright, bold and beautiful as the duo get ready to take their imitable and distinct sound to the world.

The band are currently locked in the studio finishing off more releases with tour planning under process as well as a confirmed tour dates around the world.

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