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New Hero are a global Beatport number 1 single producing South African electronic live act, that only produce and play their own twisted heavy-bass and euphoric sounds. The New Hero duo is a fusion of Keaton and Scottie Moore. Keaton who is otherwise known as ‘Grimehouse’, South Africa’s number 1 ranked dubstep DJ, has also had a Beatport Number 1 album with his debut album ‘Magnum Opus’. Whilst Scottie Moore has also enjoyed previous success whilst he was the lead singer of SAMA nominated rock band ‘Reburn’.

Although New Hero formed officially in 2016, the duo have known each other since they were 17, where they met whilst DJing at a club in Cape Town, South Africa. The two had always wanted to merge their talents but it would be 14 years later when they would finally be ready to do so. Which was when Scottie left Reburn looking for a new challenge. A short one month later and Scottie and Keaton created New Hero. All of the singles released by New Hero have been play-listed on to South African national radio, and many have topped the South African music charts with their songs such as;

New Hero – Chasing Hurricanes – #1 on 5fm for 7 weeks, #1 on Goodhope FM and #1 on MFM, whilst staying the MFM charts for 37 weeks. (Play listed nationally throughout SA). New Hero – Kryptonite – #1 on 5FM, #1 on Algoa FM, #1 on Goodhope FM, #1 on Heart FM & #1 on MFM. (Charted top 5 on other stations). New Hero – Closer – #1 on Goodhope FM (Play listed throughout SA on National Radio). New Hero – I won’t stop – #1 on Goodhope FM (Play listed throughout SA on National Radio).

New Hero say their music is “authentic” and “always produced in the way we want it to be produced”, with them often experimenting and combing heavy bass sounds with other varied genre-bending sounds, which definitely keeps their fans attention. The experimental high-energy duo have also released two music videos for their songs “Higher” and “Crazy”. Crazy was an official authorised cover of the Gnarls Barkley original track. Since New Hero formed, they have been featured in many television and radio interviews, including the highly acclaimed ‘Top Billing’ South African TV show, where their music video for ‘Crazy’ was featured too.
The New Hero sound experience comes truly alive when watching their high energy live shows. Here you will be taken into their ultimate universe, where New Hero want to leave their fans feeling recharged and higher on life.

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