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MKLY aka Mike Kelly is a South African music producer and DJ now living in Berlin. With a taste for the more euphoric and uplifting side of House Music, MKLY focuses on writing music that develops emotion and groove throughout the spectrum.

Co-founder of Ambious Records and Sky Bear Studios and part of the Jet Black booking agency, his passion for music has extended past the studio and has found him working hand in hand with key industry players to help develop the music industry where possible.

With releases on Ambious Records, Songspire Records, Tommy Boy Records, Traum Schallplatten and upcoming releases on 10 Steps North, Triplefire Music, as well as performances alongside Above & Beyond, Black Coffee, Dirty Doering, Oliver Schories, Sascha Cawa, Sebastian Leger & Till Von Sein it seems that this is only the beginning of the road for the burgeoning career that MKLY has mapped out for himself.

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