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GoodLuck band is a South African music group that is focused on the electronic, pop, and dance genres. It is one of the top SA bands, having been founded by Ben Peters and Juliet Harding in 2011. The group is best known for its chart-topping sizzling brand of music, including songs like GoodLuck Chasing Dreams that was released in 2016 and is now very much global.

GoodLuck band started initially as a side project hustle for people who did not have a deep understanding of electronic music. All they had was a collective love for the genre and a vision to perform the songs to fans. After its formation, the band grew in popularity so much that in 2015 they opened up for the global superstar Pharrell Williams.

Popularly referred to as Julez, the only female member of the band, who has a pure, calm, and soothing voice, is an alumnus of Red & Yellow. Her parents recorded her first song when she was 4 years old, and she wrote her first piece at the age of 12. Since her childhood days, she envisioned music as her future career but not as big as right now. In fact, once she joined college, she pursued advertising with music meant to be on the side. However, she eventually left that work and pursued music much to the delight of her father Nick Harding and mom Marcell Harding.

Most of the band’s music has its roots in South Africa with an Afrobeat style. However, they have managed to infuse a modern electronic edge that has cultivated and nurtured the global appeal. The group is recognized beyond South Africa and has performed in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the African content. They have shared the stage with global superstars such as Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies, and the Pet Shop Boys.

Since bursting into the entertainment scene in 2011, the group has topped the charts here in Mzansi. The South African band then released Back in the Day in conjunction with Armada Music that took Spotify by storm. However, Been Thinking About You, which was done in conjunction with Ultra Music, was the track that became their first certified international song. It goes without mentioning that the song further solidified their hold in SA.

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