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Born in Durban and raised in the small Free State town of Odendaalsrus, Francis Turner (Birth Name: Dillon Barnard), is a prolific music producer in all sub-genres of the vast dance music spectrum. He follows in the footsteps of his father who was a DJ at various hotel clubs in his hometown and surroundings. Turner got his first DJ controller when he was 12 years old and then at the age of 15, he traded in his BlackBerry phone for a computer where he began teaching himself the craft of music production. He did not have access to the internet and worked by sampling his dad’s old club CDs. He started making bootleg versions of famous songs at the age of 18, and then went on to producing songs and remixes for numerous singers in the English and Afrikaans dance genres.

His official debut release is a remake of the 1999 cult dance classic ‘Better Off Alone’ featuring the voice of platinum-selling singer Daniel Baron. Apple Music has featured the track on their Best New Songs and New Music Daily playlists.

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