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Forbes Ploszaj was born and raised in Arizona and grew up an avid hockey player continued his career all the way to the collegiate level. While in college, Forbes realized my true calling wasn’t on the ice; it was performing and producing music.

In between practices and games, he quickly began learning how to DJ and work Ableton. Forbes utilized the money from DJing to invest into studio equipment and production and quickly learned how to create a unique and diverse sound identity and began producing music for artists across multiple genres.

Forbes is currently in the summer 2021 course at ICON Collective in Los Angeles. Forbes’s first professional track, “Joe Exotic (Forbes Remix)”, was released by rap artist Ponce De’leioun and it was also featured on Trap City’s YouTube page and currently has over 500k views. Forbes’s debut single as an artist, “Undercover”, released in late September 2020 and is currently over 500k streams. Forbes has also done direct support for Autograf and DLMT. He has worked with other notable artists such as Apollo XO and David Shane too. His second single, “Tame Me”, released on January 22, 2021. Forbes’s most recent single, “Numb” released on May 21st, 2021 with UFO Recordz.

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