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Daven enters electronic music in 2014 starting to have various releases in some SoundCloud channels. A year later he starts playing in some clubs in Gallipoli coming to do a dj set in Amsterdam, in 2016 together with Djeso and Dyken they found the group Falling Apart, the group obtains some success from the first release in Mad Decent with “Awake” , supported by various international DJs such as Diplo, R3hab and LVNDSCAPE. In 2017 they release their second album “Not Dead Yet” in Nameless Records / Universal Music Italia, the track achieves some success coming first in Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Italia for a week and exceeding 1 million streams, in the meantime Daven together the group works on various remixes for Vargas & Lagola, Marija etc. also participating in the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2018. After releasing “Twilight” in Ego, the group broke up in 2019/2020. Daven recently got back into the game with the production of Tech-house and House tracks.

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