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Truc Dao Thi Dang
UFO Shufflers


Truc Dao Thi Dang is her name but she goes by T or Truc. She’s 22 years old from Lafayette, Louisiana but currently lives in New Orleans.

Truc has been shuffling for 3 years now. It was cutting shapes that made her dive into the world of shuffle. In late 2021 she found Melbourne shuffle and today she combines the both considering herself being a hybrid. She’s an all style dancer and she does DNB step, Jumpstyle, House dance, Hip hop, Krumping.

“I dance because I love the way music makes me feel. Emotion in motion. I’m honestly a very shy and reserved person. But my dance personality portrays quite the opposite and I enjoy the fact music/ dancing can show a different side of me”

She continues to explain further, laughing

“I feel like an anime character in a finale fight scene” – Truc Dao Thi Dang

Her favourite genre of EDM are Experimental bass, Hard trance and Techno. Truc Dao has been traveling to many different festivals but theres nothing like the one close to home which is in New Orleans called The Buku Music and Art project.

She has big hopes for shuffle believing that it will become more exposed and recognised just as any other dance styles.

“I see shuffling just as big as other styles of dance. I believe that shuffling will be showcased even more so around the whole world!” – Truc Dao Thi Dang

Fun fact:

When Truc Dao is not dancing she enjoys working in the dental field, watching anime, and to cook.