We are an independent Publishing company, registered through Swedish Publishing society, STIM. We at UFO Network started this project with one simple goal in mind: to make sure every artist gets paid fairly and on time. When we’re not tracking down unclaimed royalties, we’re partnering with digital service providers and collecting societies to maximize our artists’ income. We also negotiate licenses for our artists’ music, so they can appear in TV shows, movies, video games, commercials, and more.

This means that no matter how you want to make your art known, UFO Network Publishing will help you get it out there—and get you paid! We specialize in rights management and artist publishing support. Let us assist you in learning more about the Publishing business process, pitching your music for synch and collecting royalties on your behalf from PRO’s accross the globe. Learn more about Music Publishing Here.

Drop us an email at with any questions you might have or leave us a message on the form below. If you’re looking to license music, see ‘our music‘ catalog

What We Do

We  investigate and collect unclaimed royalties which artists are owed worldwide. We also maximize royalties through our strong relationships with digital service providers, collection societies and by placing music on TV, film, commercials and video games. We pitch your music so that you can focus on production with ease. Let us do all the work while you focus on music!

As an all-encompassing company, we offer media productions existing music from our catalogue as well as bespoke music from our family of composers, session musicians and studio engineers. To complete our one-stop shop, we make sync licensing easy by offering both masters and publishing rights. 

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