Mind Sylenth

Mind Sylenth, born in Barcelona in 1994 is a Young DJ and Electronic Music Producer. At his short age of 24 has achieved to build an artistic career very well defined and has proven to have a huge potential and international potential which nowadays makes him in a well-known name very played by artists at many festivals around the world. Since he was 14 years old, Mind Sylenth knew that his life would be dedicated to
music. When he was 16 Mind Sylenth was already showing promise after having his first performances in his hometown and getting his two first sold out as a headliner. At the age of 17 he starts his first international tour and positions his first single on the highest places of the bestselling lists of beat port getting the support of huge international artists. At 19 it comes the time for him to take the leap and becomes part as an artist of the Amnesia Ibiza group, f rom which he becomes the youngest artist. Being the resident DJ of the biggest outdoors club in Europe aa L’Adlantida Beach Club Grupo Amnesia and also preforming on Amnesia Ibiza. Weeks later he becomes a member of the Amnesia Ibiza World Tour where he leaves Europe and becomes a headliner in festivals in China, Japan, Korea and India among others. His artistic career as a DJ keeps growing as well as his career as producer and in that same year he positions one of his singles “Feel the Rave” in the Spanish radios and by creating a mix of styles which had never been heard in the sector he gets the applause of the critics of the sector. In that same year he performed more than 200 times worldwide which leads him into deciding to create new projects and to start collaborating with foreign artists in his new productions. A few months later the presents “Ladies Ova Control” with the German rapper Gemeni, though the record label Blanco y Negro with which both artists had been working since their beginnings. Ladies Ova Control enters the Spanish radios as well as the German radios getting very good feedback from the sector for their innovations on sound.

A year in which he performs in the biggest festivals such as Tomorrowland and Super XX Summer festival in Korea where he was one of the headliners among others. That lead him to launch his first Studio Album named GO BIG OR GO HOME in which he collaborates with great singers and artists. Some of his songs have a big repercussion on the Spanish radios. Some months after, some of his songs are starred as the soundtrack of The Rain, an original Netflix series. His second studio album Go Big Or Go Home II was presented in November 2018 and it was one of the most streamed in Spain. Not to forget that some of his remixes such as Panda, Comin Out Strong or Wolves received millions if visits worldwide and that one his last singles Cleopatra made it Top 50 tendencies worldwide on YouTube as well as Every Day f rom his latest album. Mind Sylenth revolution SM with his two collaborations with Playground in 2017 and 2018 in which he makes a speech and a documentary explaining the illness he suffers f rom since he was 12 until nowadays, at the age of 24. In both videos, he explains what OCD is and how he lives with it while having such a busy life as an artist. The videos got hundreds of reproductions and the first one was one of the most visited videos on Facebook that month and they also were trending topic on Twitter and Instagram. In 2018 Minth Sylenth has been announced as resident in one of the biggest and most prestigious festivals in the world, the Daydream Festival. To sum up, Mind Sylenth is a clear example of selfimprovement, persistence and battle which make that his trajectory is only the beginning of a great career with and incredible projection.

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