MozX Delivers Rapturous New Single ‘Happy Pills’

London based electronic music duo, MozX – formed of producers Javier Martin and Leanne Moser – have delivered a stream of standout music since their inception in 2019, including a collaboration with Mr. Bill on his ‘Half Time’ EP. Dedicating themselves to creating vocal-centric, feisty dance floor dubstep and electro house tracks, the eclectic outfit return to the forefront of the release radar with another rapturous offering in the form of  “Happy Pills” – Out now across all streaming platforms via No Tomorrow Recordings.

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“Happy Pills” is a fun melodic dubstep track, showcasing the duo’s signature blend of video game-inspired sounds and a captivating vocal performance. Courageously bringing social criticism to bass music, the duo deliver an important message driven by endless energy and free expression that will hype up any crowd.

The track opens with Leanne’s hypnotic vocals, floating over colorful chords that provide an ironic setting to the controversial topic of narcotics, as well as a build of excitement towards the drop. The drop features a unique call and response between bright synths and glitchy bass sound design with lush vocal chop fills, subsequently swelling into a hard-hitting dubstep second drop that champions a unique swing twist.

Proving that their artistry extends far beyond that of production alone, the tastemaker pair are responsible for creating their own music videos, artwork and visuals; often characterising their sonic narratives through the perspective of glitch art. Heavily inspired by old school video games such as Metal Slug, Bomberman, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders, the multifaceted duo have created another mesmeric lyric video accompaniment for their latest single.

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Writing ‘Happy Pills’ was a storm of creativity from both of us. The lyrics were written by Leanne when she was 19, and the song went through so many different arrangements before we teamed up and created this final version. Our goal was to create a production that can support the songs’ heavy theme without portraying judgement. Whether you choose to ponder on the message behind the sarcastic lyrics, or just lose yourself within it’s euphoric chord progressions and gritty sound design, ‘Happy Pills’ will take you on an exciting journey to remember.” – MozX

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After initially meeting at Berklee College, the fast-rising dubstep outfit have streamlined their musical ambitions to focus on a unique sonic footprint of dark harmonies, dubstep and electro, with heavy lashings of bass.

A firm favourite within the established London-based electronic music house No Tomorrow Recordings, MozX’s musical endeavours have been supported by the likes of BBC Music Introducing and have achieved placement in the Top 50 Electro House Tracks on Beatport.

They are supported by top names in the industry such as Andi Durrant, Don Diablo, 12th Planet, Far Too Loud, Tokyo Machine, DJ Silver, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Dropgun and Zardonic. With a passion that shines through on every release, MozX’s enviable versatility and unique vocal-led approach puts them in line with electronic acts like Koven, Krewella and Nero.

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