Takis, Komara & Laurell Team up for ‘Stay Too long’

Takis, Komara & Laurell Team up for 'Stay Too long'


Every once in a while, you come across a track so bustling and infectious it instantly pushes you into party mode. While not the only Takis’ record to have such an influence on people, this is especially the case with ‘Stay Too Long’, his recent collab with Komara and vocalist Laurell, as well as the latest track to be released ahead of his long-anticipated ‘Welcome Home’ project.

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A song bursting with dance floor energy and fun, Takis and Komara’s ‘Stay Too Long’ looks ahead toward late nights spent together with friends again. With Laurell’s playful vocals reminiscing about nightlife memories and moments of live music and laughter, ‘Stay Too Long’ is more than adequately equipped to magnify the widespread anticipation for this summer’s release of Takis’ ‘Welcome Home’ project.

“‘Stay Too Long’ was started well over a year ago”, Takis says. “But while I loved how fun the track was since day one, it didn’t feel like the right time to release a song about enjoying late nights dancing together while we were apart. Throughout the year, I would listen to the song hoping the time would come for it to feel “right.” Thankfully, as everyone started to feel genuine hope that we’d be back on a dance floor together soon, we decided to revisit and finish the track. Hopefully, as we take our first steps forward toward live music, ‘Stay Too Long’ can become your soundtrack for coming back together and enjoying shows once again.

Takis, Komara &Amp; Laurell Team Up For 'Stay Too Long'

“You can almost tell by the playful vibe of ‘Stay Too Long’ that it was written in a boisterous room full of besties screaming the song at the top of their lungs just before lockdown began”, Laurell adds. “The song encompasses everything I’ve missed about my friendships during the pandemic, and I’m so excited to share the feeling that we captured as a reminder of the good times that lay ahead for all of us.”

About the collaboaration, Komara adds: “Every time I hear this song, it reminds me how fun and special that day was when I met two of my favorite people in the world for the first time and we turned the session into a big party.”

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Takis, Komara &Amp; Laurell Team Up For 'Stay Too Long'

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