Morgin Madison Unveils Thrilling Debut Album ‘Living the Phantasm’ on mau5trap

On the heels of his critically acclaimed debut album Living the Phantasm, breakout mau5trap star Morgin Madison unveils Living the Phantasm (The Remixes).

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Featuring five dynamic reimaginations from familiar mau5trap horde members, as well as a brand new Morgin Madison “Chill Mix” of his hit single “Feels Like,” Morgin Madison’s Living the Phantasm rose to critical acclaim upon it’s April 2021 release, garnering high praise from the likes of Magnetic MagazineSoundigestDancing Astronaut, and Beyond The Stage Magazine, who called the album Madison’s “magnum opus.”

Now, the decorated creative returns with a stirring new “Chill Mix” of his enchanting single “Feels Like,” as well as 5 brand new remixes from fellow mau5trap members. Opting for a stripped-down version of it’s original club-laced sound, Morgin Madison peels back the layers on his “Feels Like (Chill Mix).”

Sonically fusing arpeggiated piano chords with entrancing lyrical musings, Madison showcases his innate dexterity as an artist with this mix. Speaking on the “Chill Mix,” Madison says the following:

“The chill mix of ‘Feels Like’ takes the vocals from the original track and spins them into a totally different sound. The original version of ‘Feels Like’ was the premiere club track off my debut album, whereas the chill mix feels like the wind-down. Many of my songs go through different versions before they’re fit for release, and in this case I felt like releasing one of the alternate versions could show listeners a side of my sound they haven’t quite heard yet.”

Putting their own unique spin on Morgin Madison’s hit tracks are KEETZ, RIBB[]N, ASHE, Low Poly, and Speaker Honey. Leading the charge is Low Poly: lurid glitchy synths best characterize his remix of “Free DLC,” a frenetic rework of its original counterpart. RIBB[]N’s edit of “Start Again” elicits palpable emotion through textured soundscapes, as Speaker Honey sonically melds smooth techno and electro sounds to elevate “Initialize The Phantasm” to never before seen heights. Up next is KEETZ with a dynamic new take on “I Hate Portals,” adding nuanced progressive flair to the club-ready single.

Rounding out The Remixes is ASHE, putting an experimental, drum-driven spin on “Reflect.” A compelling new package of sounds, Morgin Madison’s Living the Phantasm (The Remixes) is available Friday, July 2.

“My debut album ‘Living the Phantasm’ means the world to me, so getting the opportunity to ask some of mau5trap’s artists to remix the album was a dream come true. I wanted to make sure every artist got a chance to pick a track they felt the most passionate about, and I think the end result is a remix EP where every artist gets to shine through with their own signature sound. I’m very proud of the work they’ve all done on this EP and I love every single track.” – Morgin Madison

Morgin Madison Unveils His New Album 'Living the Phantasm' (The Remixes)


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