Synth-Pop Trio KinetiX Drop Their Latest Single “I Said Hey”

Synth-pop grooves and memorable tunes are what KinetiX are all about. Recently interviewed on iRadio, Ireland’s well-known youth focused music station, their latest single is another cracker that will get people talking. It’s a difficult adventure when you have a message and a talent that needs to be noticed. “I Said Hey” is all about the journey.

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KinetiX have an unusual way of writing their music. The three brothers share song-writing responsibilities between them. One will write the hook and a couple of catchy lines, another will then use this to put together an entire set of lyrics. Lastly, the remaining member will put it all together and compose something to fit. KinetiX all live under the same roof meaning they can work day and night until they’ve got something to record. Once the music is down, it’s up to the producer to put it into something for the masses. Isaidhey was produced by the talented Toby Scott.

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Described as “a remarkably talented band” by iRadio‘s Louise Clarke and featured on the RTE blog, KinetiX are quickly becoming a household name in their local area. The success of the previous single has seen them played on several stations and make a host of new fans in Ireland and beyond. Now as the world prepares to hear “I said Hey”, the band and the fans are genuinely excited about the near future.

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Isaidhey by KinetiX is out now! GET IT HERE!

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