Mr. Belt & Wezol’s DJ-Set in a Hot Air Balloon

Recently with the COVID-19 outbreak all DJs have seen their agenda’s being completely emptied of any DJ shows. As a substitution we’ve seen a lot of livestreams popping up, with DJs bringing their performances from the stage to the people’s homes. Mr. Belt & Wezol have been looking for unique locations to play their DJ sets; locations that would normally be unattainable to perform at. After sets in a moving tram, a ball pit, an alpaca farm, a bowling alley and an abandoned pier they’ve now reached the pinnacle of their efforts: a DJ set in a hot air balloon.


With this one hour DJ set the Dutch duo has literally been reaching for the sky. With over eight cameras and two drones being set-up it seems like this DJ set has reached a TV-show level of production.

“Together with our team we’ve built a custom DJ-booth and installed camera’s all over the balloon’s basket. During the flight we had two cars following us with a race-drone, a normal drone and a zoom lens so we had every possible shot covered.” says the duo.

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