Skrillex Seen In Studio With Boys Noize, Igniting Rumors Of New Dog Blood

Dog Blood is one of the all-time great supergroups in dance music. Before Skrillex and Diplo teamed up as Jack U to help merge the pop world with EDM, Skrillex had a much harder side project alongside Boys Noize. While Dog Blood was deeply loved, one day they just disappeared. While the duo has gotten together in recent years to play sets here or there, overall there has not been as much new music as fans would like. Well, it seems Skrillex and Boys Noize have been spending a lot of time together recently.

Dog Blood Rumors Begin Once Again

Last week, while the eyes of the EDM industry were focused on EDC Las Vegas, Skrillex and Boys Noize appeared to be in the studio together. In a still image from Boys Noize Instagram story, Skrillex can be seen grinding away on multiple synths.

Does this mean that the guys are getting together once again? We certainly hope so, but at the end of the day Skrillex seems to be in the studio with different musicians every day, so this could just be another small get together. Check it out below.

Skrill on Boys Noize IG Story from r/skrillex

Source: EDMSauce


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