Exclusive Interview With Angelic Vocalist, Artist & Song Writer – ‘Lux’

The extremely gifted and talented LUX with stunning, angelic vocals and super song-writing skill has recently collaborated with internationally known female duo – Nervo – on smash hit “Why Do I”

We will bring you more details on that shortly. LUX is definitely a face we will be seeing more of in the very near future! We had the privilege of interviewing LUX personally and this is how it went down. Read more below

Hey Lux! The new EP collaboration with Nervo is jaw-dropping! Exciting stuff. Please tell us a bit more about the EP and how it came to be? 

Thank you so much! We sat on ‘Why Do I’ for what feels like forever. One of my long-time co-writers, Ken Loi, and I linked up over Facetime to work on some new music. He played me the chord progression and that’s what kind of got the ball rolling. I always try to bring an element of what I’m going through to each song I write. If I connect on a personal level, I’m better able to communicate those feelings and emotions when I sing it.

The goal for me has always been to use my love for writing catchy melodies and lyrics as a tool to connect and relate with the listener. We all go through ‘stuff’ and it’s nice to know you’re not the only one. We sent the song to Arkade (Kaskade’s label). Ken and I had previous releases with the label, “Hollow ft. Liv Miraldi” and “Tangible ft. SU” and thought this track would be a good fit. In the process, we connected with Lipless.

He wanted to jump onboard and completely added a new vibe that Ken and I absolutely loved. When we sent the song to NERVO, it was all very ‘up in the air’. We weren’t sure they would be interested so when I got the call that they were, I completely freaked out! Such a cool moment and feeling. The girls took the track to the next level and I’m beyond thrilled for the opportunity.

In a few words, Tell us about ‘Finding Lux’ and how you broke into the electronic dance scene as an artist and songwriter?

This is so random, but I remember hearing Ellie Goulding for the first time and watching her career unfold. I have been super inspired by her for years; releasing her own music, writing for other artists and her dance collaborations with Calvin Harris… the list goes on. It got me thinking… how does one “get” into that world??

It’s been about 3 years now, but I had this idea that if Soundcloud is a such big platform for DJ’s, maybe I could go through and listen, then email the ones I liked and see if they would send me a track to try and topline to. I probably emailed over 150 DJ’s. Thankfully there were two: Bassanova (Lullaby) and Benibee (One Taste) that took a chance on me. Honestly, those two songs are where it started for me.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you as an Artist?

The night that I released my first ever solo single, “Catch Me If You Can”. Releasing a song for me feels like, “Hey, here’s my heart.. hope you like it”. It’s terrifying but so freeing at the same time. When I collaborate with a DJ, I get to expose all those emotions alongside someone. This felt different; it was just me. I had never put anything out with just my name on it and the response from the fans blew me away. Forever grateful!

What advice would you give to aspiring artists & producers in today’s music industry?

None of us know what we are doing. What works for me may not work for you. My advice would be: you need to play the long-game. The smaller, strategic steps at the beginning take you further, in my opinion. The most fun part is the adventure of figuring it out, while never losing your love to make music in the process.

Our favorite! Give us one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?

That is literally so hard to narrow down. My best friend and fellow artist Amy Guess and I spent 2 weeks in LA writing one time. It was around the time that Ellie Goulding came out with the song, “Love Me Like You Do” and I’m not even exaggerating, that was the ONLY song we listened to our entire time there. The countless hours in traffic, in the hotel room, etc. We were obsessed. That being said, I can still listen to that song and never get sick of it.

What festivals would you be most interested and pumped to headline & perform at and who would be your DJ/Producer/BFF of choice? 

I would love to go out with the NERVO girls. That’s definitely something I’m working towards. I’d love to someday perform at Coachella, Tomorrowland, and EDC Las Vegas.

What are some of the more memorable shows and gigs you’ve performed at? Can we look forward to any up-coming live performances in the near future?

I’ve always focused more of my attention on the songwriting side of things. Although I still plan to lend most of my energy to that world, it is on my list of goals to go on tour someday with some of the DJ’s I collaborate with. Who knows, you might see me out there with the NERVO girls soon…

Tell us about who and what inspired/inspires you as an artist?

There are so many things! Life inspires me. Watching the people in my world work hard and chase after their dreams. Walking through hard experiences and coming out the other side. Relationships. Pretty views. Adventures. I try my best to experience as much life as I can and embrace every moment, good or bad, because music to me is my outlet to share my story and hopefully inspire someone else to live theirs.

List an important piece of advice you received when you first ventured into your musical career?

  1. We need each other.
  1. Work hard. No one is going to hand you anything.
  2. Be kind. Life is about people. Build real, genuine relationships.
  1. Figure out your why, because on the days that it’s hard and it seems like nothing is moving forward and after you hear a ton of ‘no’s’; you need to know WHY you are investing your blood, sweat and tears into something that sometimes gives very little, if anything, back.

Humor us? 

I will do almost anything for an adventure with a pretty view. I can sleep anywhere at any time. My favorite thing to do outside of music is hike. I crave chocolate on a daily basis. I am deathly afraid of all creepy, crawly insects and spiders. I’m always down for a good road trip. And when I was a kid, I wanted to be a singer, a spy or a mermaid… I’m glad one of those is working out.


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